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About us

In 2013, Edouard Gueudet, a young entrepreneur with roots in Switzerland, founded Gueudet Publishing SA, a niche independent publishing house. Dedicated to reviving the classic "Who's Who" tradition in Switzerland, Gueudet Publishing's goal was clear: to create a trusted reference source devoted to uniting Swiss talent across sectors by modernizing a timeless publication, adapted for today's user.

Following 20 years of absence, on 5 May 2015 in Zurich, Gueudet Publishing SA released Swiss Who's Who, its first print edition biographical dictionary coupled with an online platform.

Swiss Who's Who is a biographical dictionary of accomplished leaders, talents and experts who are influential in their field and who contribute to shaping contemporary Switzerland. The publication seeks to promote Swiss talent and to celebrate the people, both in the spotlight and behind the scene, who contribute to shaping Switzerland in business, politics, science, research, innovation, culture and sport.

Already considered a trusted reference tool, Swiss Who's Who has become a "go-to" source for companies of all sizes, law firms, business associations, government administration, international organizations, Embassies, Universities and libraries.

Gueudet Publishing promotes Swiss-made in every way - from the achievements of those individuals listed, to the design and production of the book itself. Swiss Who's Who is 100% Swiss made.

Edouard Gueudet, Founder and President of Gueudet Publishing SA.

Danielle Gueudet, Vice President and Chief Editor at Gueudet Publishing SA.

Mission / Vision

Swiss Who's Who aims to connect people, facilitate communications, and inspire success.

"Switzerland is internationally recognized as the leading country for competitiveness, for its favourable business environment, stable governance, entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong capacity to innovate. Having a clear understanding of the people who contribute to this success is really inspiring." - Edouard Gueudet

To learn more about Swiss Who's Who, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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