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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Swiss Who's Who?

• A biographical reference work, Swiss Who's Who features the biographical notices, with contact information, of talented people hailing from every region of the country and from abroad. It is a distinctive professional tool and the only authoritative source of current information on these influential figures in Switzerland.

• More than a publication, Swiss Who's Who is a reflection of contemporary Swiss society and those who shape it.

What are the advantages of Swiss Who's Who?

Flexible formats to fit your lifestyle. In addition to the print edition, stay fully connected when you're on the go with our expanding online edition - get the most up to date information and access even more biographies.

Platform to expand your network. Gain access to a prominent, selective network of 1,500 accomplished leaders, talents and experts - entrepreneurs, banking executives, lawyers, company executives, diplomats, philanthropists, researchers, journalists and many more.

Save time. The only tool of its kind, it's a snapshot of today's leading figures. Plus, with the online edition, you can easily filter and quickly retrieve biographies using advanced search criteria.

Build relationships. Connect with talented leaders to exchange ideas, develop projects or advance initiatives.

Trusted tool. We pride ourselves on the quality of our information. A Swiss Who's Who biography is detailed, fact-checked, regularly updated by our research team and authoritative.

What are the selection criteria for the people featured in Swiss Who's Who?

• Individuals are selected based on merit and on their professional contributions to their field or society over a sustained period of time.

What is the selection process?

• An independent committee identifies potential candidates from the broadest range of sectors and assesses their profiles against strict selection criteria. The committee's intensive research and vetting process ensures that the final listing will be a reliable selection of influential Swiss figures.

• People selected for inclusion are contacted directly by the publisher and invited to submit a standard biographical dossier.

• An invitation to include one's profile in Swiss Who's Who is a personal matter, extended directly by the publisher to the candidate, without intermediaries.

How are the biographies developed?

• The editorial team validates the information submitted by those selected and drafts a biographical profile for each. Individuals can review the final proof of their profile prior to publication. This level of collaboration ensures the utmost accuracy and reliability.

• A portion of biographical profiles included in Swiss Who's Who is developed by the editorial team.

What if someone notable is not included in Swiss Who's Who?

Swiss Who's Who is constantly working to ensure that it accurately presents Switzerland's leading talents and experts.

• If you notice that someone is not included in Swiss Who's Who, and you believe that they should be, please contact us at info@swisswhoswho.ch.

Is payment required to be listed?

• No fee is charged to have one's biography published in Swiss Who's Who.

Is Swiss Who's Who compatible with discretion?

Swiss Who's Who is committed to honouring the strong Swiss tradition of discretion.

• Through its transparent and flexible approach, Swiss Who's Who is designed to respect persons who wish to participate in the publication while respecting their privacy.

• You may control the detail and extent of biographical information that you wish to have published about yourself. In certain circumstances, customized biographies are accepted by the publisher, and private contact information is only published upon request.

• You also have the opportunity to review your biography prior to publication.

Is Swiss citizenship required to be listed?

• While all those listed have a strong tie to Switzerland, Swiss citizenship is not required. Swiss Who's Who includes biographies of Swiss citizens, Swiss expatriates, resident of Switzerland, and people with significant interests in the country.

Is Swiss Who's Who available online?

• For increased accessibility, Swiss Who's Who offers a secured platform that contains all of the up to date biographical information featured in the print edition, plus even more biographies online.

• The secured online platform enables users to perform highly advanced searches using sophisticated filter options.

Swiss Who's Who Online offers additional benefits for those persons listed in the publication, including opportunities to interact among listees.

In what language is Swiss Who's Who published?

• As an accessible professional tool, Swiss Who's Who is published exclusively in English.

What are the benefits of Swiss Who's Who?

Swiss Who's Who offers its users a reliable, relevant, and quality-controlled reference tool containing up to date biographical information of Swiss leading figures.

• Whether for professional or personal interests, Swiss Who's Who offers a valuable platform to verify information, identify unavoidable sectoral leaders, develop contacts for projects, and build networks in Switzerland.

For those listed in the publication:

• You may control the detail and amount of biographical information that is published about you, and you may safeguard your e-reputation.

Swiss Who's Who Online is an online platform with the most up to date information from the print edition, an interactive online network, and a space to share your thoughts, works and publications.

• Inclusion in Swiss Who's Who may also serve to enhance your profile and visibility in Switzerland and abroad.

Can anyone nominate a candidate for the next edition of Swiss Who's Who?

• Yes. To continue building the publication's value and scope, the publisher encourages the submission of nominations; those corresponding to the selection criteria will be considered on an ongoing basis. Please submit nominations to info@swisswhoswho.ch.

Under what circumstances could a biography be removed from Swiss Who's Who?

• Biographies may be removed by the publisher for reasons such as professional or civic inactivity, the discovery of falsified information, discrepancy with justice, and other unfortunate circumstances that render the biography contrary and incompatible with the publication's selection criteria.

Will data be shared with third parties?

• Data will not be transferred to third parties.

How is Swiss Who's Who distributed?

• The publication is available for purchase directly through us and through a selection of Swiss distributors.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@swisswhoswho.ch.

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